Frequent Questions


How much in advance should we book a photographer for our wedding?

It is recommended to book a professional photographer as early as possible. About 6-9 months in advance. I already have bookings for the following summer.

How long will you accompany us at our wedding?

Depending on what you would like to have documented,  from getting ready, to the ceremony, portraits and the celebration, you can book me between 4 and 14 hours.

How many pictures will you take during our wedding?

That will depend on the amount of hours I take pictures at your wedding. During a 6 hour period about 1000-1500 pictures are shot, of which roughly a third will be selected. Due to the space provided by modern memory cards, it is possible to take several shots of beautiful moments. At home I select the best picture of each series.

When will we get the wedding pictures?

You will receive the wedding pictures about a week after the wedding.

Can we print the pictures ourselves later on?

Of course you will get all the selected wedding pictures on a DVD in JPG-format, optimized.

In what Format will we get the pictures?

You will receive the pictures in JPG-format. The data size per pictures is between 5 and 10 MB. For a surcharge it is possible to get all the pictures in Raw-format.

Are the pictures edited?

Yes, all pictures are selected and optimized by me. Contrast, colors, brightness, etc. are ideally adjusted. Special retouching for portraits is possible upon request.

Do you provide online galleries as well?

If desired I can create a password-protected online gallery. The ”login link“ on my site can then be sent to friends and family. They will be able to access the pictures for 6 months after the wedding (also as slide show), download and send. Usually I wait fort he wedding couple to give me an ”OK“ after the they viewed the pictures on the DVD to eventually take out pictures of the gallery that are not meant for everybody’s eyes (from the preparation for example).  

Do we have the rights to our pictures?

Yes. You receive unlimited rights for private use. Because I am asked sometimes: A watermark/logo is on none of the pictures.

What kind of ideas do you have for our wedding pictures?

That depends mainly on the location. I try to always take pictures naturally and try to put ”typical“ wedding pictures aside. Therefore I try to integrate a lot of the scenery into the picture. But don’t worry, I don’t see the wedding as an art project ;-). Specific ideas will be discussed at our meeting, when we discuss details.

How much time should we plan for the portrait pictures?

That will depend on where we take the pictures. If we take them at the location of the ceremony or the celebration 45-60 minutes will be sufficient. If we take them somewhere else, you have to add the transit time.

What is your style of photography.

My style is a mix of natural and elegant pictures. My emphasis is on snapshots. I take a lot of pictures from the background to make the photos as natural as possible.

What is the Photobooth?

The Photoboot his a small professional photo studio. Camera, studio lighting, remote control and lots of accessories (masks, wigs, hats, etc.) let you and your guest take pictures of yourself with or without funny customs. It’s fun and creates memories for every age group. Upon request, the pictures created at the photobooth can be printed directly or turned into an album for the guests.

Why should we hire a pro?

A wedding is no children birthday party, but a unique festivity, that should be documented as good as possible. I have heard many experiences with amateur photographers from several couples that I have met at weddings. It’s just not worth it to be angry about bad pictures for the rest of your lives.

Do you have spare equipment in case your camera stops working?

I always bring along 1-2 spare cameras, more than enough memory cards as well as spare batteries.

Can you provide a substitute in case you are sick on our wedding day?

Yes. In the case of illness I provide an equivalent substitute.

Will you take the pictures at our wedding by yourself?

During the entire wedding I move around, barely being noticed. That’s the reason I like to work alone. If there is a special request, I gladly come with a second photographer.

Are there additional costs for your drive to the location?

Travelling costs are already included in my offer.

Do you also work outside of Austria?

Yes. I would be glad to create an exclusive offer for you.